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             МАКЕДОНСКА ВЕРЗИЈА                        ENGLISH VERSION


“Jan Amos Komenski”-OUR PATRON


                    Jan Amos Komenski-a Great man of the European and World pedagogy and practice. In the history of the pedagogy he is the leader of the modern pedagogical ideas, not just in his country, but in the whole World.

                    He was born in the Czech Republic, in a miller’s family. He has lost his family early and he has had a hard childhood, but with his great persistence and love for the studying, he succeeded in his life.

                    In his time, the Catholic church dominated on the cultural and educational field. Komenski got out from the borders of the religious  ideology and he gave a unique content to his pedagogical system. He formed his view on the world under the influence of the materialistic flow in the philosophy and he created a base for a new pedagogical system.

                 His pedagogical thought is fulfilled with deep humanism  and  democracy, with enormous love and respect for the kids, with tough persuasion  that even the most unable kid can be educated as a useful  member of the community.

                      The great believe into the education is the essential thing for Komenski.He was confident that with the help of the regular setting and good engaging into the education it is possible to realize full welfare of the people. ”The knowledge should be accessible  to everyone, and for realisation of this, students’ books were necessary were necessary and that’s why he had started to write ones.

                       His master piece, “Didactic a Magna”, written in 1632 is considered to be the start of a new way of educating children at the schools. His book was more than well accepted in the progressive countries and many great countries like England, Hungary, Sweden, called for him to make changes into their educational systems.

                       He formed his own didactical system-realism in the education. He fought for the golden rule in the education-observation. “All that’s possible should be given to the senses”-he used to say.

                         Although he was born and he worked 4 centuries ago, his ideas and his deeds are still being used in the modern education.



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