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             МАКЕДОНСКА ВЕРЗИЈА                        ENGLISH VERSION

"Jan Amos Komenski"

-elementary school

e-mail: oukomenski@yahoo.coм

Adress: "Varshavska" street, no. 23

Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

tel: 00389 2 3064 645



Welcome to our web site, where you can meet our school, its students and its teachers, as well as many activities conducted at our school, by the students and by the teachers.

This 2004, our school celebrates 40 years of its foundation. We truly hope that this web site is going to find its place in the school's collection.

Our grate thanks to MT-Net, for the free web hosting of our site, as for the other three organizations: Svest, Schoolsonline and the Balkan children and youth foundation, which have done so much to bring the Information technology closer to our classrooms in the past two years.


Thanks to all the students who have helped in making this site.

This web site was made by:

Katerina Mitevska, an English teacher, raspberrymk@yahoo.com

Nikola Vasilevski, a student in 8b class

Tomislav Cvetkovski, a student in 8v class

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